A n d o r r a

This weekend was meant to be another weekend of doing nothing, but instead I took a bus to Andorra. Andorra is a small Catalan country between France and Spain. It is smaller than the smallest county in North Carolina for reference.

The day began with a 3 hour bus ride into the country. We went through border control and there was a K-9 officer and his dog doing a search of the bus while we had our passports checked. This random lady was removed because of the dogs reaction to her and she returned later, but I am not sure what happened exactly.

The morning included crepes with chocolate and strawberries. Then we walked around aimlessly until checking into our room for the night. It was nice, but the best part was the balcony. We had a private balcony with a pretty view of the town and mountains surrounding everything.

The day was then filled with a relaxing trip to the largest thermal spa in Europe. I spent hours in the thermal waters and under the different pressured jets. I was so relaxed that it felt like I was walking on a cloud all the way to the sauna. The sauna was the icing on the cake. I melted and my muscles lengthened into puddles of goo. It was the best day in awhile.

That night was followed up by a fondue night. We had Switzerland cheese and bread. Chicken, steak, and ox was good, but different in a way that I cannot explain. Ox meat was interesting and good, but not something that I will be craving to have. Then we had milk chocolate fondue with banana, oranges, and strawberries.

The night ended there followed by sleeping in. We checked out of the room and spent the early afternoon walking around the town. I got chocolates from a store and it is delicious...hopefully they make it home for the family to try.

Then we got back on the bus to head back to Spain. It was a great overnight trip with the focus of relaxation.

As for other news, I passed all of my midterms and hopefully that trend will continue. I was recommended a novel to read in Spanish that I will be looking into.

My trip to Rome is next weekend, but I have cancelled it. Our program has prohibited any travel to Italy and I am keeping updated with the US embassy as well as our program to stay alert about the coronavirus. It is in Spain as of now, but so far it is not as wide-spread as Italy. API (my program) has cancelled their programs in Italy and sent students home. Hopefully the situation does not get worse in Spain and lead to any early program dismissal. I miss home and my family, but I would like to be able to finish my time here. Prayers would be appreciated!

I will try to post more now that midterms have come and gone. Ciao!

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