Barrio Gotico

Hey everyone! So sorry for the absence lately, but here is my update on Thursday! I had Catalan and we learned numbers...numbers are hard. Enough said. Now, My Seven Wonders Class...We took a field trip!

Let me start by saying that we were suppose to meet at a metro stop near the Gothic, but the commute from my Catalan class to the stop took longer than 25 minutes and a friend and I were late. So, we walked around the Gothic for some site seeing. I saw a gorgeous church

After the church, we were able to meet up with the group at the Roman Civilization ruins. It was very cool, fantastic, and dusty. We walked underground through the remaining walls of the civilization. We saw old ruins for making wine. We got a glimpse into the homes of the past. It was breath-takingly beautiful and it sneeze-inducing. I wish I could describe the true beauty or what it was like walking where you knew people had walked thousands of years ago. I took pictures, but it doesn't even capture the experience.

The picture with the feet is the location of the highest point of the roman civilization during its time. The columns are from a temple of the time. It is all that is left of it, but they were pretty cool to look at.

After the ruins, we went to the main square of the Gothic. The square has original cobblestone and is preserved to remain an open space because of the historical significance. I wish I had pictures for you, but it was dark by the time we got there!

The night of adventure ended there...

Now the Friday and Saturday to follow were very eventful! I slept on and off for the entire two days. I was sick with a cold, but two days of sleep has made all the difference. Unfortunately it also means that I am done with the fun things to tell you about...oh wait there is one more...

Today was the Winery Tour! I was up and ready to go. One of my roommates who is late a lot was told to be ready 15 minutes before we actually needed to be. She was not ready until 5 minutes after we were actually suppose to leave. We got to the bus meeting point 5 minutes late and missed the bus. Lesson learned. I will not be waiting on anyone anymore. Oh well, maybe Jesus thought I needed another day of rest. I hope you liked the pics of the Gothic! It is definitely worth a visit. It is the medieval part of the city and it is probably my favorite part. I think it looks and feels like I imagined Europe to be as a kid. Stay tuned, folks. I will be going to another cool part of the city on Tuesday...the Olympic part!

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