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KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! LANDLORD! That is how my day began...granted it was already 1 in the afternoon, it was still surprising to be awoken this way. He came by to look at some maintenance requests, but we did not know that he was coming and were unprepared; however, we got it sorted and everything should be good to go. We had our first cleaning service visit and they were extremely nice. They clean the common areas of the apartment. I don't have class until 3:40 pm so I just hung around the apartment until walking to class.

Catalan was fun! We went over the homework and I am happy to say that I did really well! We also learned the alphabet today and it was interesting. Not too hard, but you can see the french influence. Then to practice we played perjat (Hangman in Catalan). We also listened to a song in Catalan and I can easily say that I understood nothing. We were also assigned more homework to figure out the two verbs that we were introduced to.

Next up is my Seven Wonders of Spain class! We learned about the Catalan Vault and then got to do a photography project with the architecture of the school. Here is mine...

We were told to make a series on my group compared the structural columns on each floor. The measurement for it was me! It was a fun project and everyone did something different which was cool to see. Next class we are going on a hike or something like that...not exactly sure, but it will be interesting to see and I am sure to have more amazing pictures.

After class, the girls and I did a "family dinner" style. I made the pasta with bolognese sauce again and we used fresh baked bread to make a garlic bread. We made a salad and made our own vinaigrette. We had a charcuterie board as well.

It tasted oh so amazing, and it was really fun to all hang out together. I don't know what we will be up to tomorrow (today for me) because we don't have class on Fridays, but I am really looking forward to Saturday in Valencia!!! Stay tuned for more from me! Ciao

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