Fallin' in Love with Barcelona


Lo siento, I'm sorry about not posting yesterday but there was not much to tell. I hung around the apartment like a lazy person, but I blame the jet-lag. For lunch, I made a PB&J sandwich (they do not sell PB here so I brought it from home). That night, a few of us went out for gelato and it was amazing. I sampled 5 different flavors and ended up getting pistachio. The other flavors were great but too sweet or rich for an entire cup. Then we hung out and watched tv.

Today, I had coco rice krispies cereal with strawberries for breakfast. Then we went exploring around the city. I got to see Arc de Triomf which was gorgeous, but what was absolutely breathtaking was the Parc de la ciudadella.

I sampled fresh coconut, saw orange trees, samples sushi, and took lots of pictures.

There was a really cool pond with ducks and row boats and a dog park. There was gorgeous architecture. Honestly it was a very fun day to walk and site see. I reach 10,000 steps in a few hours. I also got a vanilla cappuccino (it was alright but I am not much of a coffee drinker).

Finally, we returned home to cook dinner and it was sooooooooo good. We made pasta with hamburger, bolognese sauce, onions, garlic, spinach, oregano, basic, and cheese. Then we had bread on the side. It turned out well even though it took 4 of us to make it.

Enjoy a few more pics!


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