First day of class

Hola amigos,

I have a lot to catch you up on, and I apologize for not writing sooner because I have been really tired. Jet-lag does not magically go away overnight but I wish that it would. I think it is a combo of travel, jet-lag, and the dry air here. I am tired, my sleep schedule is wacky, and I am use to the humid air of good ol' NC. My head feels fine, not stuffy or anything; I do not even have drainage. The only symptoms that I feel are tired and a sore throat. Hopefully, it will pass in a few days as I adjust.

Let me recap some things, I left off on Saturday...well I learned something that night or I should say that morning. Once and RA, always an RA. Imagine it, 3 am in the morning, the night air is cool, the apartment is quiet, and I am snug in my bed. then, knock knock. A girl from the fourth floor is knocking on our door. We all get up and open the door to find her on the phone with our program director, she is sobbing, and drunk. You could smell the alcohol on her breath. Everyone remained calm and invited her in. We got her to calm down some and try to tell us what happened. Thankfully, I was able to keep calm and neutral and did not react to what she said because reacting would only make her hysterical again. This girl...fell asleep in the shower or passed out, whatever you want to call it. Her apartment-mates had to wake her up after they woke up to their entire apartment flooded. It took them 4 hours to mop and clean up the water. I saw a video of the apartment and it was bad; a lot of damage. Anyways, not sure what happened with that but I did my job and calmed her down enough that she would go to bed to deal with it in the morning.

After that craziness, I slept until 2 pm missing church at Segrada Familia, but there is always next Sunday. Instead, I got to see my dad and the Sunday School class at church! I was so excited to see all of their faces. Then, I watched an awesome sermon by Pastor John and the cute kids sermon too! My apartment-mates were asking questions about church, which is cool! Also, I noticed the no tie look; very nice! Anyways, after getting to watch the service, us girls went in search of our campus and let me just say that I am glad I did. I would have been lost Monday morning. The night ended pretty relaxed with a pizza dinner.

I am also going to say that waking up for a 9 am class at 7:45 was hard. I felt exhausted from the inconsistent sleep schedule but I am hoping since classes started, I will be able to adjust faster in my sleep habits. I left the house at about 8:20 and took the metro! I DID NOT GET LOST! AMEN! I will be honest though, I had a moment of omg can I do this everyday? It is crazy packed in the morning on the metro and it is a 25 minute commute that way. And in case you did not know, I like my bubble, but I am trying to be positive and go with the flow and embrace the no comfort zone. Hopefully, I can grow to be better with that mindset.

I made it to class with 15 minutes to spare. Omg, I forgot....the stairs are killer. so many stairs. The Eixample campus is a tall building with too many stairs. Enough complaining, as long as my calves look fantastic after this semester. I had Spanish this morning from 9 am until 12:40 pm. I am in the Intermediate class which for Spanish standards is pretty decent and for the US very good. We took a test. On the first day. We had to read a paragraph and write according to the prompt. We had to listen to our professor ask questions and write our responses down. We had a grammar portion and we had to have a one on one conversation with another student in front of her. It was not that bad. She only spoke Spanish and I am happy to say that I understood everything she said. I had a pretty solid conversation with another student and we had a break for an hour in between writing and speaking so she could grade. I went to an adorable cafe next to the school. A few people after the testing were moved to lower levels of Spanish, but I got to stay. After class, I walked around the area a little and then hunger drove me to the metro and back to my apartment where I DID NOT GET LOST. AMEN. If you know me, you know my fabulous directional skills...yea no. So, I am quite proud of myself.

I think one of my favorite things about Spain, is my siesta. I took a nice nap after class and it was much needed. Probably does not help the jet-lag, but I could not keep myself up any longer. Then I went to the grocery store. Got some things like ice-cream. I blame needed the cold for my throat, but it probably came down to lack of will-power against cookies and cream. For dinner, I was too lazy to cook so I made PB&J. I am sad to say that my PB will not last much longer at this sad (hint hint mom and dad. love you mean it).

Then the night consisted of me staying in and reading. Now I am dumping my thoughts out to you. Hopefully, today (for me) and tomorrow (for you) will be as good as the first day of class. Oh and that I successfully get my class location/time changed! Fingers crossed and prayers prayed. Thank you to everyone that is reading and following my journey.


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