Getting submerged in the culture

Friday was a day of exploration! It started with a trip to the bookstore for my textbooks, then a trip to Casa Batllo. If you come to Barcelona...this is a MUST! It was absolutely stunning. There is a video guide that animates the walls and special features of the house that really showcase the architecture and art vision for the house. Gauldi was inspired by the ocean and it is evident in the house. The house has no straight lines and the colors reflect the colors of the ocean. I cannot even begin to describe it to you. I was amazed by his work. The imagination, the innovation, the breathtaking beauty of this house is mindblowing.

The outside shows the waves and the lack of straight lines. This picture does not even do it justice.

This is the stunning view from the roof of the house.

This is part of the roof.

This is the inside of the house which can be seen from the stairwell. The colors start with white and transition into blue as it moves higher. It also relies on more skylight as you go up to give the appearance of water like when viewed from the glass in the picture below

There are so many more amazing things to see in the house, but I can't include everything. I can say though that it was worth the trip. After the house, My apartment-mate, Katelyn, and I went to dinner in the Gothic Quarter.

We went to a burger place called BarCentro. I had a very delicious bacon cheeseburger: “Vaca Vieja” Galician Burger, home made pickles, cheddar, bacon, lettuce, Home made Porter Craft Beer BBQ Sauce. We shared Nachos: Freshly made corn Tortilla & homemade Guacamole with sour cream, melted cheddar, and red peppers. The chips was soooooo good and everything else on top was mouth-watering. The burger was huge!

The home-made sauce was incredible, they make their own buns and it was fabulous, the entire meal was....I cannot even describe how good it was. I loved it all and would definitely eat there again. It is making me hungry just thinking about it. We were going to get churros, but we were too full to eat anymore.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! There will be tons more tomorrow as I will be in Valencia! Ciao

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