Hola! Lo siento, I am sorry, but it has been a crazy few days. I was going to post yesterday, but the wifi connection has been terrible due to our lovely friend, Tropical Storm Gloria. I don't know if you keep up with the weather in Europe, I don't know why you would, but it is a stellar time here. Gloria has already claimed 4 lives in Spain, so please pray for those affected here. I am safe and sound; let me assure you of that. Monday wasn't so bad. I walked to class in the rain, and the wind was ok. I did not do much on Monday other than be a good lil' student and attend class. We also went out for Emily's birthday (she lives with me). We went to the Gothic district for tapas and they were amazing! I also had a tropical lemonade, it tasted like a mango lemonade and was really good.

Tuesday, now this is where it gets crazy. Tuesday morning was rain, rain, and more rain. Luckily, I have classes in the afternoon, so I slept in. By the time I had to venture out for class....the rain was better...but the wind was horrible. Trying to walk against the wind was the best workout I have had all year, which does not say much because it's only January, but y'all would have been laughing at me trying to walk. Anyways, I made it to class and Catalan went well. I learned that Catalan is the official language in Andorra, a small country I never heard of and that 10 million people worldwide speak Catalan. Catalan is the 8th most spoken language in Europe. It is spoken more than Danish, Finnish, Greek, and Swedish. Catalan is a romance language from Latin, which is how we see a French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian influence on the language. Catalan is hard, but knowing Spanish is helping. Our professor teaches Catalan using English and Spanish. Now, on to my Seven Wonders class. We were supposed to go to the bunker, a hill in Barcelona, that gives amazing views of the city. It was going to be a fun hike, but Gloria had other ideas. We stayed in class and drew what our interpretation of the city is. I focused on the districts and then drew markings of everywhere I have been so far leaving the rest blank as a symbol for the things left to be discovered. I also highlighted Eixample, which is the district where I live and go to classes because that is where I spend most of my time. Walking back to my apartment was just as fun as walking to class, but I survived.

At the apartment, I made bbq chicken using my mom's bbq recipe. Finding the ingredients was a struggle, but I DID IT!!!! Anyways, the girls, from the north, loved the southern cooking. Next, they want to try fried cornbread...I hope my mom is ready to sit on the phone with me while I attempt it...yikes...I will keep you updated on that.

I have also begun planning my weekend trip to Madrid! So excited! And, I was invited to Switzerland in February so I will be looking into that as well. Sometimes, it feels like a normal day and not much is different, and sometimes it feels like this can't possibly be real; it can't possibly be my life. But, it is. I live in Barcelona, Spain. I am traveling in Europe. Trying to become fluent in Spanish, while starting another language. I guess my advice is to take it day by day. I also suggest not putting too much pressure on yourself. It is ok to chill at home watching Netflix (they have different options on Netflix by the way). It is ok to take a day of rest. It is ok to call home just because. It is ok to not always do something exciting and explore; at first, I felt like taking my afternoons off of class easy would be a waste of time, but I am here for four months; I have plenty of time and I need the rest to help with the adjustment period.

Ok, enough self-reflection, last night was bad. The storm was loud and you could not have paid me to go outside. This morning, however, it was gloomy and rainy, but a lot better than Tuesday. I went to class and during the 20-minute break, I went to the cafe next door for a chocolate croissant. It was soooooooo good. It was also much needed because I was sleepy in class. After class, I went back to the apartment for lunch. I am now procrastinating my homework by writing to you all. I hope you enjoyed reading my update! Ciao

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