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Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to Portugal! I absolutely loved Portugal! Lisboa is my favorite place I have traveled to so far. The food was mouth-watering, the sites were dazzling, and the feeling was peaceful.

We started Portugal off right with breakfast. I had the Oreo Pancakes....Pancakes, oreo crumble, banana, strawberry, ice-cream, and a whole lot of calories.

I hope you can appreciate the awesomeness of these pancakes.

After breakfast we walked around for a bit and just took in the city before we went on a walking tour which included the largest hill of my entire life. We had to take a break half way up this hill that was long and steep. The tour guide was very nice though. He told us about the history and some places for us to check out.

After the walking tour, we went back to doing our own thing and exploring the city. Not too much craziness. I ended the night at a decent time because I was exhausted. Also, I started my Instagram take-over for Campbell Abroad so I was constantly recording or taking pictures for that. I will be doing that for a week if you would like to follow the @campbellabroad page on Insta.

The next day started with a yummy croissant that tasted like a cinnamon roll and a chocolate muffin.

After breakfast, we went on a bus tour and got to see a fort and the monastery. The chapel was gorgeous there, but I was a little bummed I did not get to see any monks.

After the bus tour, I got a original dog from a vendor and it was actually sausage. I topped it with onion, ketchup, cheese, bacon, pickles, and potato sticks.

I made a hot mess of myself trying to eat this thing, but it was delicious and flavorful and worth it. They had american style hot-dogs, but I ain't in America. Anyways, after that we walked by the river, we went to the Time Out Market, which is the oldest market in Lisboa. I think my favorite thing about Lisboa is the feeling. I felt relaxed, peaceful, and completely comfortable. Everyone is so kind and the atmosphere was indescribable. At one point, we sat on a bench and let the sun shine on us with the breeze. I definitely want to return to Portugal someday. I also did a lot of shopping...despite eating tons of food, my pants are loose. I bought a belt while in Portugal and a cute jacket. I got a lot of cork products. Portugal is the World's largest cork producer in the world. I bought cork bracelets, a cork purse, a cork magnet, a cork postcard, a cork fan, and I think that is it.

Anyways, Saturday night, we went to A Gina's which is a traditional Portuguese restaurant that I highly recommend. I had the best steak of my entire life.

Take in this beauty. It came medium rare. It could be cut with a butter knife. It was juicy. It was bursting with flavor. It was bigger than my head. I ate every last bite. The fries were amazing as well and the salad. I couldn't finish the fries or salad though. I for sure finished that steak. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I need to move on before I drool...

Let me say that I went to bed full and happy that night.

The next morning was another pastry breakfast morning and an easy stroll around the city. I walked about 7 miles each day but I don't remember it feeling like I was walking that much because I was pretty content.

I bought the most gorgeous painting. This lady was painting in the street and selling her work. I fell in love with one that was too big to transport so she painted a smaller version just for me right there. I am in awe of it. I also enjoyed some chocolate gelato.

For lunch I had a sandwich that was pretty good too, but nothing compares to that steak was only 13 euros for that dinner by the way. Oh and the artist lady gave me a student discount for the painting too.

To say I was sad to leave Portugal would be absolute truth, but I will be going back someday. For now, I have my memories, my dreams, and my pictures.

Look forward to this week! We have a Hope freaking out over midterms, a flamenco show, and more midterms. Ciao

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