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Bizcocho a la casa (cake of the house) and tea! First stop after arriving in Madrid! I had this amazing combo. The cake was lemon flavored and maybe almond. After breakfast, we made our way to the Palacio Real de Madrid (Royal Palace) and the Museo de la Cathedral (Cathedral Museum). It was absolutely breathtaking there and I 100% recommend! The museum was only 4 euros to get in with our international student ID's.

Here was where the imperial crown was kept, clothing from Cardinals, Popes, and other cool artifacts. We were not allowed to take pictures of the inside sadly, but it was really cool and I got to take pictures of the Palace using the balcony.

What was completely amazing, was the actual Palace. 13 Euros to get in with a student discount. It was definitely worth it. I loved walking through the palace and imagining what it was like to live there. Now, we walk through these places and say ooo and aww, but real people lived and worked there. It was more than a pretty building; it was a home. They had a royal chapel, a yellow room, a porcelain room, the banquet room, band room, silverware room, glass room, the gallery, crown room, throne room, and some bedrooms/ sitting rooms. We were once again limited in our pictures. So sorry! It was stunning in every room. Every room was unique and looked like a canvas. I can't imagine walking the halls here as someone that lives there and not a tourist. I think I would be afraid to touch anything especially the dishes and silverware.

This was taken in the Courtyard! You can see the Cathedral behind me.

Speaking of the Cathedral...I saw 3 nuns there. Real life nuns. I have never seen any before so that was pretty cool. They touched the holy water and did the sign of the cross. It was very neat to see. I also bought a souvenir for myself. A quill with ink, 5 fountain pen tips, and I am really excited because I have always wanted one.

From there, we walked around the city. When I say walked...I mean really walked. On Friday, I did a total of 26,424 steps and 11.81 miles. The day ended with evening tea and dinner.

The burger place was called Goiko and I had the La Kiki burger. It was sooooo good. They had amazing fries, the burger itself was delicious plus their house dipping sauce that came with the fries and on the burger.

After dinner, we went to the airbnb for a refreshing shower and much needed sleep.

We started the day later on Saturday because we were so exhausted. So, we started with lunch.

La Fartaquina ensalada (Salad). It had goat cheese, a peach, peach vinaigrette, chips, and walnuts. It was mouth watering good. Plus I haven't had a lot of veggies since being here.

After lunch, we went to the Retiro Park. It is a huge park! There are tons of fountains, a river flowing into the pond, and awesome architecture.

I also took a boat ride! I rowed too and am pleased to say that I did not go in circles and was able to figure it out!

I was 8 euros to rent the boat for 45 minutes and well worth it. The sun was shining and the breeze was light. I think it was my favorite part of the day!

After the park, we went to a botanical garden, sadly, most of the garden was dead, but it was still pretty to walk through. There were orange and lemon trees as well as veggies growing. The Succulent green house was cool!

From there we walked around some more; again, it was a lot of walking. 19,201 steps for the day and 8.63 miles.

For dinner, we made reservations at Ultramarinos Quintin. It was a little pricey, but well worth it. I am proud to say that I made the reservations entirely in Spanish and had no problems. Now prepare yourself for dinner...

I have no idea what this soup was, but it was sooo good. It came in a little cup with the bread for dipping.

I could have drank the soup because it was so good!

The bread was amazing as well!

I was between a sirloin with mashed sweet potatoes and the artichoke and leek lasagna. I asked the waitress what she recommended and she said the lasagna, so that is what I did which is good because lasagna is my favorite!

I should have taken a picture of my plate after...If it was proper, I would have licked it clean. It was that good. No it was better than good. I will dream about that lasagna for the rest of my life.

This was their ice cream and it is homemade every day. I got a scoop of the Dark Chocolate Truffle which was very rich in taste, but it paired nicely with my other choice.

The White Chocolate w/Oreo was sweet and offset the richness of the dark chocolate. Together it was a great mix.

After dinner, we went to the airbnb for sleep because of our early flight. I would say that Madrid was a cool place, but I think I like Barcelona more. However, I would recommend it to anyone that asked!

Stay tuned for this weeks adventures! I am going to the Bunker (a hill for watching the sunset; usually a picnic date spot) with my Seven Wonders class. Ciao!

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