Hey readers!

Sorry for no posts in a week. It has been crazy across the pond in terms of school. Last week, I had a cool opportunity to attend a flamenco show. It was very interesting and it was a gorgeous style of dance. I do not understand how they move their feet so quickly. Anyways, I really enjoyed that fun experience.

The following day was my Spanish midterm! I think I did well overall and I will find out soon if that is true. It was a four part exam. We read and answered questions, wrote a paragraph about a selected topic, listened to a recording and answered questions, then we talked for five minutes in a conversation on a selected topic with a partner.

The day after that was the first part of my Catalan midterm and my Seven Wonders midterm presentation. I had the reading and writing portion of Catalan and I think I did well on both. My presentation went well. I did my art piece on photography by creating a collage of all the food I have eaten since being here which you have all enjoyed seeing in previous posts.

I have begun brainstorming my final art piece, but I am not fully decided yet. I think I would like to paint something representative of my time here, but I really do not know yet.

This weekend was a very relaxing weekend. Not to complain, but I am tired of traveling. Or better yet, traveling has made me tired. I think 4 weekends of travel was exhausting and it was nice to stay in Barcelona. I went to the Glories and Gothic neighborhoods where I walked around enjoying the fresh air and shopped for souvenirs. I think the nicest part was walking around and not feeling like a tourist because I was just existing in the city I call home right now.

Monday was a pretty chill day with class. We started learning a new conjugation tense and I must say that it is difficult, but with practice I will pick it up quickly.

Today, I listened to more presentations in my Seven Wonders class and then I had part 2 of my Catalan midterm. Today was listening and speaking. I think it went well, but I will find out soon.

I feel bad that I don't have much to say but it has been a very boring week here. I think that it is nice though. Nothing has felt routine or "normal" in this experience yet, but this week and last week, I was a regular student that needed to study and relax. Sometimes those days are just as awesome as the traveling days. However, that will continue this weekend. Ever heard of Andorra? It is okay because I hadn't either. Andorra is a small country between France and Spain. I am going for a day trip this weekend but only in the name of relaxation. They have a really nice spa there and I will be enjoying the waters.

I will let you know how it goes and how I did on my midterms! Ciao!

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