Sandboxes aren't just for kids

We started to learn conjugations in Catalan...good news...most of the verbs are irregular...yea not so good news. We will see how that goes. Seven Wonders is good. We walked around a part of the city that is sketchy at night, but it has one of the oldest buildings in Barcelona and a contemporary art museum.

Just my opinion, but contemporary art is...ok. I personally do not see how building a structure from cardboard is art...I did that when I was a kid to play house in, but whatever. We also saw an old hospital where Gauldi died. It is now a library.

We went into an old cathedral that is now a sandbox...

Sorry, I don't have much to say about tonight, but I can tell you some about cooking last night. I was apart of the group that made Gazpacho. It wasn't too hard. Red Pepper, Tomato, Onion, other things. It was pretty easy. The paella was fun to watch. I could not make it at home because they use a special burner and the cast iron is huge and the timing of everything is crazy. I learned to make pan con tomate (tomato bread), which could be made at home, but it requires certain tomatoes from Spain and their olive oil is better so I doubt it would be the same. The tortilla de patatas was good according to everyone else, but I did not eat it because it has eggs. It is basically a Spanish Omelette with potatoes. It was fun, however, to cook and watch and learn.

Another fun fact, I went from traditional Spanish food last night to American styled Buffalo Wings tonight. Some habits die hard or not at all. Also, they had tator tots...I was weak, but it was sooooooooo good and worth it.

I will be going to sleep soon because I am going to Madrid early tomorrow morning. I will update you all on Sunday to talk all about my adventures! Ciao

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