Sant Pau, a castle, for my classes

Today began like any other typical day for a college student. I slept until noon lol. I did not mean to sleep that long, but I was extremely tired and it helped with the yucky feeling I've been having the past couple of days. I am taking medication for colds though so hopefully it will be better soon. After waking up, I navigated my way to the API center using the metro without getting lost (I am very proud of that if you can't tell). I was able to get my add/drop form signed, and then began the process of trying to actually get my schedule changed.

On my way back to the Sant Pau campus, I stopped by the apartment for water and a sandwich. I was starving and really tired from barely doing anything so I rested for a half hour before going to campus. The campus is a 7 minute walk from my apartment. It looks like a castle. I will have to take pictures from the outside on Thursday, but I did get some from the inside. I was in awe. I even got lost trying to find my way around, but managed to find the correct room.

This is the main entrance

This is the main stairs

Inside the stairs

A better look at the art and architecture

Thank you for the prayers! I got my class switched and I am actually in The Seven Wonders of Spain class now. It is an art class that focuses on the history of the city. My professor is awesome! She is extremely funny and relaxed. She likes to have fun and I think that is what this class will be. Starting next Tuesday, we will all be meeting on location somewhere different each time. This way I will get to explore a lot of the city and get to sketch it as I go. We also have 1 midterm project, one final project and 2 papers total. The most amazing part is that the projects can be whatever we want them to be. The rule is that there are no rules. I am excited to brainstorm and create something creative and out of the box whereas normally in class it is pretty straight forward. If you have suggestions, I would love to hear them!

I also had my introduction into Catalan today. Catalan is...going to be hard. It is Spanish and French rolled into one and it is just hard to wrap my mind around so far, but I am staying open-minded and going to try my best! My professor is really funny and nice. He made us introduce ourselves in Catalan today...I am ask Com et dius? (What is your name?) Em dic Hope (I am Hope). Quants anys tens? (How old are you?) Tinc vint anys ( 20 years old). De que fas? (What do you do?) Soc estudiant de Kinesiologia (I am a Kinesiology student). D'on ets? (Where are you from?) Soc de North Carolina (I am from North Carolina). Quines aficions tens? (What are your hobbies?) M'agrada nedar, llegir i dibuixar (I like to swim, read, and draw). That is all that I know so far. I also have homework already. This should be interesting; I will keep you updated on my progress with that.

On another note, I bought a bus ticket! This Saturday, I will be spending the day in Valencia, Spain. I am excited to start exploring more! I am going with a group of people and it should be a lot of fun! I will take lots of pictures for y'all. It is Wednesday now and I have an early commute to class so I should go to sleep. Ciao!

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