Settled and Thriving

Today was move in day! I was able to move into my apartment, which is small, but charming. It feels amazing to finally be settled. My bags are unpacked and it feels like everything is coming together. I have a wardrobe, a desk, three shelves, a side table with a lamp, a full sized bed, and a body length mirror. Everything is pretty nice. I was open to having a roommate, but I lucked out with a single room and I like it because I get to have privacy and quiet time to decompress and sort through my thoughts after the day is over.

Before moving in, we met with the Catalan police, and they spoke their entire presentation in Spanish...I could follow most of what was said, but some things were iffy, and the program directors translated those parts anyways so its all good. After that, we had a housing meeting before dismissal for check-out and move-in.

After getting myself settled, I went to the supermarket and got groceries with my apartment-mates. A dad of one of the girls was still in town after traveling with her because they came a week early. He was very kind and bought us enough groceries to stock our kitchen. The grocery store was fun, I could figure out most of the items, but a few things were hard to tell. I am also just as clumsy in Spain as I am at home. I knocked over a box (nothing too bad) and one of the workers saw it. He laughed at me and picked it up and I apologized, but he said it wasn't a big deal and proceeded to walk away chuckling. Oh well, what can ya do? After shopping,we walked around for a couple of hours and explored our neighborhood... including the Basílica de la Sagrada Família. It was gorgeous. But now on to the really good part...

Dinner was TAPAS! I love tapas. Oh my word, so delicious and I am stuffed. We started with pan con tomate

patatas bravas (potatoes with a white sauce)

championes al ajillo (mushrooms with garlic)

pollo al ajillo (garlic chicken wings)

pulpo a la gallega (octopus with paprika and potatoes)

gambas al ajillo (shrimp with garlic - grilled and broiled)

cordera con papas fritas (lamb with fries)

I promised my parents that I would be adventurous in my food and I would like to think I am off to a good start. I love the bread with tomatoes on is honestly amazing. The mushrooms were full of flavor that I will definitely order again. The chicken was also really flavorful. The octopus was surprisingly good; I really liked the pairing with the spice and potatoes. The shrimp was wonderful with the garlic sauce, but beware it is hot! The boiling sauce should have been an indicator, but I am going to blame the lack of sleep. I liked the broiled shrimp, but I could not get myself to eat the grilled shrimp because it was looking at me...anyways the lamb was a first for me and it was really good too. Now, the fries were too die for, and I mean better than some of the fries at home...

I could go on and on about the food but instead I am going to stop before I get hungry again. After dinner, I came back to my apartment where I showered. The water was hot then cold then hot and cold...very back in forth, but I am just rolling with it. Also, I am too tall...guess I can practice my squats in the shower to wash my hair. Now, I am writing this and going to bed because I need sleep! Good morning from Spain and Good Night at home!

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