V a l e n c i a

Saturday came early! I was up at 6:30 am and on a bus headed to Valencia at 7:15 am. It was a 4-hour bus ride, but it only cost 20 euro roundtrip. I can also say that the 4-hours only felt like a second because I slept the entire trip. I woke up and suddenly I was in VALENCIA!

First thing first, we went to a small cafe and got food. I had the hamburgesa de pollo (Chicken Sandwich basically) with papas fritas (fries). It was really good especially because I was starving. After lunch, we traveled to Old Town, the historic part of the city for the holy grail cathedral and some very cool architecture pictures.

We also went to a cafe for coffee and tea while in Old Town. There was a vegan place that used only plant-based milk, recyclable cups and lids, and had 150 drink options. I chose to have a Chai tea fusion with some type of berry that was sooooo good; I didn't even add sugar to it! From there, we took a taxi to the more futuristic part of the city. It is home to the museum of art and science. It was gorgeous there in a completely different way from Old Town. We took a ton of pictures in front of the museum and on top of it at a garden location.

Me on the steps of the science building

I had an awesome time exploring this part of Valencia; as most of you know, I am a science girl in my left-brained world, but also an art girl in my heart. I love when both collide in an analytical and creative sense. I am also not one for pictures of myself but I tried!

Here are some pictures of the garden! I had some help with the posing.

I really loved the garden! There were orange trees everywhere; Valencia is known for its oranges! That also means that the orange juice is good! I can attest to that too. I tried Agua de Valencia - a drink that has orange juice, champagne, and vodka. I only had a sip and then stuck to actual water! I have been trying to stay hydrated as much as possible. I have noticed my skin is dryer and I have been getting dehydrated easier. I think it is because NC is humid and Spain is not. I am adjusting well to it though; my cough and breathing are better. Apparently it is normal to have that adjustment for the first two weeks.

Sorry for the side note! Back to Valencia!

Paella!!!! Valencia is home to Paella. It was created here so of course, I had to try it! We had chicken and seafood paella. It was as good as it looks. 4 people shared this and we still had leftovers for later!

It was definitely worth the wait to try Paella here; if you find yourself in Valencia, this is what you should get!

We ate at a restaurant on the beach. I did not go into the water, but I can say that the sand was cold! It was nice to put my toes in the sand though. It was also beautiful there to see the mountains fade into the ocean. Like NC but smushed together instead of 6 hours between the ocean and the mountains.

Enjoy a sandcastle too!

That concludes my day! I saw everything that I was hoping to see and tried all that I wanted. After dinner, I spent the next 4-hours on a bus. I did not sleep the entire time, but enough that I wasn't completely bored. We got back to the apartment about 1 am so I decided to sleep and post today! Sorry for the wait, but I think a rested Hope is better than a does not make sense Hope. Today is not much of a crazy day! I am writing this while listening to the livestream Shiloh service. Happy Sanctity of Life Sunday! Time for me to get my homework done! I have a lot of it....and I have not started...oops. Thanks for reading! Ciao!

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