Virus not named Corona...

Hey long lost followers! Or maybe I am the long lost blogger that disappeared for over a week. No need to be concerned. I was out and about doing crazy adventurous things... yea no.

This week was boring, boring, and more boring. On Tuesday, I woke up feeling nauseous and as I was getting ready for class; things pertaining to the said nauseous feeling led to me not attend class. I think I had a slight fever, but I did not have a thermometer so I have no confirmation on that. That night, I did go to the doctor here. It was difficult, but manageable.

I took a taxi to the office. First off, the office looked like a home and not a typical office. My doctor had a TON of books. Very old books. Anyways, the nurse that checked me in and did the pre-appointment things spoke only Spanish. Here is one thing to know about my Spanish...medical vocabulary is not my vocabulary...yet. It was a struggle and I was honestly worried about trying to get through an appointment in Spanish. However, the doctor spoke in his words "medical English only" so we were able to Spanglish the appointment. He told me that a stomach virus was going around and that was probably what I had, but that he noticed my stomach was tight and my appendix could be inflamed. He wrote me a note for class for Tuesday through Thursday to cover any days I might miss.

Let me tell you something about Spain. Spain time is not America time. I was there for over 2 hours and most of that was waiting. It wasn't that bad though because I have gotten use to the relaxed, easy-going, slow services here.

Wednesday was not much better. I ate toast all day and basically stayed in bed. Thursday was the same, but I added KFC mashed potatoes to the mix! Very exciting stuff. My doctor called me that night to check on me. He asked me for updates. I was having and am having dull pain on the lower right side. I am not nauseous now, but I don't have much of an appetite. He basically told me to stay home and rest and that is what I did this weekend.

I went to class today and that zapped my energy. Also, there have been decisions about my program made regarding the coronavirus. Our program is allowing anyone that wants to return home to do so and finish their courses online. After April 3rd, we will be online for the remainder of the semester anyways. I have not decided on what I will do, but I would like to make the most of my time here and get my spring break trip to Scotland, Ireland, and England. However, I will continue to watch the news to make the best and safest decision. Thank you for all your prayers! Ciao!

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