When you thought you knew it already...

What is so hard about studying abroad anyways? The studying, duh.

I just finished my Catalan homework and it wasn't too bad, but I had to google translate some of the instructions because everything is in Catalan, go figure. Hopefully I did it correctly and accurately. Today was my Spanish class again, I made it to the campus pretty easily and walked up the amazing stairs that I love so much. Class was chill to begin with. We focused on talking to each other. Asking questions, listening, writing, then presenting the answers to the class. The second half of class was spent working on grammar. Here is what I learned: EVERYTHING IS A LIE. THE PAST TENSE IS A LIE.

I know I am being dramatic but hear me out. In school, I learned that there are two past tenses. Preterito y imperfecto. Here there are apparently two preteritos: preterito indefinido y preterito perfecto. I hate past tense to begin with and now we learn that there are more ways to conjugate??????????? and ONLY in Spain?????? My head hurts. The rules of when to use what and why is what it is, but holy crap. I am tired. I hope I can pick it up quickly. We got a lot of homework assigned to help us with it so I will be working on that next.

That brings me back to my first question. What is so hard about studying abroad? The studying because you are in an amazing city that you want to explore and you have to find the motivation to study and do homework. Whoa is me, right? I'll quit complaining.

This has really been great so far and I only hope for it to get even better. I just think that it is finally starting to feel like school. On another note, I made Chicken Alfredo for dinner by making my own white sauce. It was pretty good and I will probably make it again.

Oh! And I did laundry for the first time! It is super small in that washer and it took 2 hours. Now, my clothes are hang drying. This is definitely going to be an adjustment to washing and drying clothes in 2 hours. This girl is tired, but I feel slightly better today...and I have nothing more to tell you; everyday can't be a day in the castle (wink, wink). Ciao

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